Screen Acting

Meeting every Monday, 7-9 PM, this class concentrates on the craft - and art - of acting for the screen.  The ongoing class includes exercises in camera technique, audition technique, TV commercial acting, line readings/subtext, independent activity, improvisation, horror movie techniques, and scene study.  The curriculum is constantly evolving and always provides an excellent workout for actors much like a dance class functions for dancers.  

The Golden Walnut Workshop

The actors describe their dream role, creating backstory, character name, etc. at the first meeting.  Then Gary puts characters in pairs then writes a 5-7 minute short starring those actors in their dream roles.  These shorts are then produced professionally and shown at Showcase Screening, to which agents, casting directors, and other film industry professionals serve as judges.  Golden Walnuts are given to the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film, Audience Favorite, and sometimes Best Cinematography, Editing, and Musical Score.  It's great fun and all the participants end up with great material for their demo reel.  Several shorts from this workshop have been invited to film festivals, and one, "Clementine's Grave," won Best Short Film made in Houston in 2012, Psychological Thriller category.

Children's Classes

Mr. Chason will be starting classes for young performers soon.  He will teach as will other professional actors with whom he has a lengthy working relationship.